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Are you afraid to try an escape room? Spoiler alert...

Some of us love nothing more than a good fright, and anxiously await Halloween every year; but if you have an aversion to terror, fear not; escape rooms are for you too!

What if I told you that escape rooms aren’t really about fear, and that most escape rooms aren’t even remotely scary? If the words “escape room” conjure mental images of torture chambers and feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia, I’m afraid that you already suffer from the most terrifying of afflictions—being wrong! It’s not your fault. The idea of being "locked" in a room does seem a little suspect, and Hollywood is no help. Spoiler alert!—You are never actually locked in, and we aren't trying to kill you. Ask a random escape room owner in the U.S. what the bane of their existence is, and they just might say their fire marshal is! As much as some might want to lock you up and gas you with every incorrect answer, they do not, cannot. Either a door is left unlocked, or there will be a panic button that will let you out at any time, in case of an emergency.

That said, there are some escape rooms that do intend to terrify (those will say as much in their descriptions), but most escape games—including those here at Lockstar in #BlufftonSC—aren’t designed to actually frighten you! It’s true! Escape rooms are meant to be fun! If you enjoy a fright, choose a creepy theme; if you don’t want to be scared, simply choose a more lighthearted theme.

Most escape rooms present some kind of problem scenario to overcome, and playfully try to evoke a certain level of trepidation by pretending to lock you up and put you into a situation that you’re told could result in some degree of a negative outcome, but it’s all in fun, not scary at all, and the shared experience of cleverly escaping some perceived danger or unwanted outcome is actually a thrilling and positive experience that leaves you feeling exhilarated and wanting more!

Call it dopamine, a validated ego, or the joy of togetherness, an escape room adventure makes you feel good—really good! So grab a group of friends, family members, or colleagues that you enjoy spending time with (or even a group that you’re not quite sure about yet), and book an escape room adventure today at! You’ll laugh with each other, navigating through your imagined predicament, and bond over solving puzzles and escaping together. A good time is sure to be had by all, and you will all emerge feeling exhilarated and a little bit closer, with the understanding that escape rooms are ultimately not about fear, but about the time spent interacting with each other, making new memories that will last a lifetime!

Lockstar Escape Room Bluffton Hilton Head


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