Frequently Asked Questions


What is an escape room?

Only the most fun you can have in an hour with family, friends, or coworkers! It's a real-world game in which players are "trapped" in a themed room, and must use their wits and elements of the room to solve puzzles and decipher codes in an attempt to figure out a way to "escape" the room within a certain amount of time, usually an hour.

Ok, but what EXACTLY can I expect?

You'll arrive with your group (ideally about ten minutes before game time), and you'll quickly be briefed on the rules and the theme of your chosen game. Then you'll be taken to your room, where the door will be closed behind you, the timer will start ticking and you'll instantly feel the loss of about 20 IQ points as you orient yourself and wonder what to do first. Don't worry! Your brain will slowly start to function again as you become familiar with your surroundings and start finding clues. You'll solve puzzles and open locks, making your way through our awesome multi-room experiences until you reach the final puzzle and unlock the freedom door. Assuming you avoid incineration by escaping in under an hour, you'll be greeted on the other side of the freedom door and asked to take a souvenir photo. You'll leave and cheerfully discuss how fun the game was with your group while you go online and leave rave reviews for Lockstar!

What should I bring?

You should only bring things that help you to breathe or to see better (glasses, inhalers, etc.). Photos, videos, internet usage and communication with the outside world are all prohibited during the game.

What should I NOT bring?

I'm glad you asked. Do not bring outside food, drinks, tools (screwdrivers, pocket knives, magnets, etc.), or puppies. No animals. Small humans are allowed, though not recommended due to their tendancy to distract, get bored, and generally cause chaos. Under age 6 are free if you choose to bring them anyway.

How long does it take?

The game takes an hour. You're asked to arrive about ten minutes early.

What if I'm late?

The games start at certain times throughout the day, with or without you. Arriving late shortens the time you have to escape! Please plan accordingly for traffic and bathroom breaks, and be here 10 minutes early.

Will we be placed in a game with strangers?

NO! Yay! 🎉 Our policy is that no one is ever placed in a game with strangers! Every game at Lockstar is a private experience.

Do you give refunds?

You may cancel your experience up to 48 hours before game time for a full refund. Experiences may be rescheduled up to 24 hours before game time.

Is it scary?

Assuming your fears are rational, no. Creepy, maybe. Scary, no. We aren't a haunted house. There may be things that might startle you, but no one is going to jump out and threaten you with a chainsaw.

Will I feel claustrophobic? Am I really LOCKED IN?

You shouldn't ever feel uncomfortable. You're never in a space smaller than a bathroom, and you are always free to leave through the door you entered the game through. There's never a time you are literally locked in with no way out.

What ages are recommended to play?

Escape games are fun for most people ages 8 and up. Children under about 8 years can help find hidden clues, but don't usually have the attention span or the knowledge needed to successfully solve the puzzles. All other ages from tweens to seniors have a great time, which is what makes escape games such a fantastic family activity!

Are there cameras in the rooms? Who's watching?

Yes, there are cameras everywhere! Your game master is watching to make sure you have the best experience possible by following your progress and offering help when needed.

Will I look stupid?

You'll almost certainly think you look stupid at some point, but be assured you don't, and we are not judging you. If you actually are stupid, no one here will ever know. Overthinking is just as problematic as underthinking. It's not an IQ test. It's a fun game with puzzles that different people approach differently. That's all.

I'm in! How do I book?

Click HERE or click "Book Now" here on our website. You'll see a list of available times for each game. Select your date, time, game choice, and number of players. Once paid, your booking is complete, and you'll receive a confirmation email. Then you just show up ten minutes before game time!

Is it physically challenging?

Not at all! Our games are deigned to be fun for as many people as possible. There is nothing physically demanding in them. There's no climbing or crawling, and no lifting heavy objects. Someone in your group may need to kneel at some point to solve a puzzle.

How do I add more players to a game that's already booked?

If your game is more than 24 hours away, you can go to your confirmation email and click on the orange "view/change booking" button at the bottom, and make necessary changes up to 8 players. If your game is within 24 hours, or you just prefer to pay in person, or you want 9 or 10 people to play, you may just show up with the additional players, and pay the extra amount at game time. Please remember the games have an absolute maximum limit of 10 people per room, and it is suggested for a more comfortable experience that you do not exceed 6.

How do I change the date or time of a game I've already booked?

Within 24 hours of game time, you may make any changes to your booking through your confirmation email by clicking on the orange "view/ change booking" button at the bottom. For changes within 24 hours, you may call to see if your request can be accomodated, but please understand that on such short notice, all changes may not be possible.

How do I book a large group to play both games simultaneously for a party or team building experience?

Any games that start 10 minutes apart can be played at the same time. For example, if you want 16 people to play at 1:30, just book 8 people for the 1:30 Rat Trap, and 8 people for the 1:40 Inncreeper, and both groups can start at 1:30. If you have any questions, send an email or leave a voicemail and we will answer right away!

How often do you change rooms? If I play a room again, will it be the same?

Rooms usually stay the same for a year or even longer. If the name hasn't changed, the puzzles probably haven't changed much either. A lot of time and work goes into the design and build of a new room, making frequent changes impractical.