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Announcement: The Inn of an Era

We are so proud that our very first build, The Inncreeper, has been so well loved, and has stood the test of time. It is 4 years old now, and continues to outsell itself month after month! Whether or not it's wise to end such a good selling game just because we are itching to build something new remains to be seen, but we feel it's time to finish The Inncreeper's story.

We have a major rebuild coming to The Inncreeper's space. Many of you know we've been pre-planning our Mad Hatter themed game for over a year. Rather than confining the hatter game to Bitzy's one-room space, we've decided to wait and build that out in the larger Inncreeper space. The Bitzy room will be leaving soon too, and will be replaced with a really fun and BEAUTIFUL new theme that is only weeks away from completion.

In the meantime, in an effort to finish The Inncreeper story, and to provide something new right away, as a thank you to all Inncreeper fans, we have put together an all-new Inncreeper part 2. The room's footprint is the same, but everything else is newand dare I sayimproved. If you liked The Inncreeper, you will love this one. It's darker, creepier, and has more (all new) puzzles. We don't plan on this one lasting long, so make your reservations as soon as you can!

The Inncreeper will be closing for a few days very soon to make the change. If you want to play part one before it's gone, you should play this week! 🔒⭐️🤘🏻


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