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10 Things You Might Have Missed in The Inncreeper

The Inncreeper escape room photo

After 4 wonderful years, The Inncreeper is closed; sad but true. It was a really good game, but we are moving on to bigger things. We have a temporary sequel open now in The Inncreeper space. If you loved The Inncreeper, you don't want to miss the end of the story! Book Lost Souls today!

A compliment we often get in all of our rooms is that our rooms have depth and "make sense". We aren't one of those companies that just buys a bunch of props and throws them into a room. We put a lot of thought into our stories, and stay as true as possible to our storyline and add details and build puzzles that fit not only the theme, but also fit our characters and the actual story you are in. Players always appreciate how realistic our games are, but new players don't always expect it. Some people were actually surprised in The Inncreeper to find that the phone cord was frayed on the end, and there was no dial tone! How many killers would trap you in a room with a working phone? That would make no sense! Miss Fortune did figure out a clever way to help you with the phone in The Inncreeper, and she has done so again in the sequel, Lost Souls. This one is for all you dial tone fanatics! 😉

Other than Michael having pulled the phone out of the wall, there are several other details that may have gone unnoticed. These are not all things you necessarily should have noticed, but are layers we add to enrich the story and hopefully at least resonate with your subconscious to make the game feel more immersive, and to help give that "makes sense" feeling.

  1. Michael, Otis, and Miss Fortune are all the same person. The psychiatrist said in his letters that Michael was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and he alluded to them being the same person. Also, Michael's clothing was the only clothing missing from the lockers, because...

  2. Michael was standing outside your window. The window in the motel room that showed the thunderstorm outside also showed Michael's ominous silhouette when the lightning struck. He is believed to be dead now in Lost Souls; I wonder...

  3. The room number that you were in was Room 3, a number he is fond of, as he is 3 people.

  4. We intentionally placed objects to try to make you think certain things, like DIE and GOODBYE with the single di you found and the "goodbye" showing on the Ouija towel.

  5. Miss Fortune left clues for you in ways that Michael wouldn't notice. For example, she knew Kelly had used her birthday to lock the safe, so she put stars beside the word "birthday" in the dream book to clue you in. She wrote "phone help" with Kelly's blood on the bathroom cabinet (something Kelly could've written herself), and then hid the clue on the phone receiver where Michael wouldn't find it.

  6. Michael poisoned his victims through the coffee. The coffee machine, the "Deadly Plants" book, the mortar and pestle, the cabinet full of jars of crushed leaves, and the syringe were all there to show that Michael sedated or killed the guests with poisoned coffee pods. Just because an item doesn't open a lock doesn't mean it's not important!

  7. The two-way mirror in the bathroom was there for Michael to watch his victims. He was a creeper after all.

  8. Michael was off his meds. In addition to having multiple personalities, Michael was on meds for his psychosis, but the pill bottle was empty, and the date filled predated the letters from Dr. Maper.

  9. Michael's locker was locked with a Master Lock because, well, he was the "master" personality. Just like Miss Fortune's locker opened with tarot cards for obvious reasons, and Otis' locker opened with the maintenance number because he was the maintenance man! (Side note: To those that couldn't cope with Otis using the maintenance number for his locker, remember, his was the "AIR" pipe. He was an airhead, and couldn't be expected to remember multiple numbers.) 😆

If you feel compelled to say, "Wait a minute; that's only 9 things", are you sure? 😉


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