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5 things I’ve learned from owning an escape room

  1. People are awesome. As a dedicated introvert, I intentionally avoid all possible social situations, and admittedly had no idea what to expect from people when I first started doing this escape room thing. I somewhat expected to see a lot of arguing and possibly some mild violence. Four and a half years later, it’s apparent that either I’ve had an astronomically improbable string of thousands of abnormally amazing customers or people in general are actually wonderful. Who knew?! ❤️

  2. Getting people to read something is almost impossible. Anything with words on it might as well be invisible. In fact, you probably aren’t even reading this now. As hard as it is to do, anything short of a few paragraphs that is written in an escape room is probably important, so please at least read that. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Self doubt is an alarmingly common hindrance to success. I’d say that in almost every game, someone will have the right idea or the right answer for something, and for whatever reason, stop themselves from trying it. I’m guessing it’s the fear of being wrong, or of being wrong in front of others, but learning what doesn’t work is valuable information too! I think you should always err on the side of trying, especially in an escape room! 🤔

  4. Kids are ridiculously smart these days. It’s astounding. Seriously, someone should look into that. They may be plotting a takeover. 😉

  5. Escape rooms are without a doubt the ultimate family activity. What I personally love most about escape games as a family activity is that they bring players of every generation together, on even ground, not in opposition to each other, but working together to achieve a common goal; everyone contributes from their own personal experience and knowledge base, and it’s all of the varied perspectives that unite to bring success. In an escape room, every player is valuable, involved, and everyone has fun. Parents and grandparents aren’t just enjoying the time with their children and grandchildren; they are enjoying the actual activity with them too. Come experience the difference at Lockstar Escape. Book some quality family time today! ❤️🔒⭐️


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