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Lockstar is expanding and is now hiring gamemasters! Gamemaster duties include:

  • arriving to work on time, EVERY time (late arrival is not an option)

  • greeting guests 

  • getting guests' waivers signed

  • explaining to beginner guests how escape rooms work

  • explaining the clue system and rules

  • monitoring the game play closely (absolutely no phones allowed during monitoring)

  • providing hints via typing (must be able to type quickly)

  • greeting guests after the game and answering any questions they have

  • taking guests' photo

  • ringing up any gift shop purchases

  • resetting the game quickly and precisely for the next group (attention to detail is a MUST!)

  • cleaning, cleaning, cleaning (games are cleaned quickly between guests, and down-time is spent cleaning floors, bathroom, gift shop, windows...)

The pay is determined by experience, the quality of your work, and your ability to work alone. Starting pay is $13/hr plus tips and bonuses. You can expect to make another dollar or two per hour (or even more) in tips if you give great customer service.

The pay increases further when you are able to problem-solve adequately and perform all duties well without any supervision.

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Do you have retail experience?
How would you describe your computer skills?
Do you have gamemaster experience?
How would you describe your social skills?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Which days are you available to work between 10 am and 4 pm?
Which days are you available to work between 3 pm and 9 pm?
Are you currently employed?
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